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welcome to VST Venues
your secret source for venues
contact us 01604 21 66 55
welcome to VST Venues
your secret source for venues
contact us 01604 21 66 55
welcome to VST Venues
your secret source for venues
contact us 01604 21 66 55
welcome to VST Venues
your secret source for venues
contact us 01604 21 66 55
welcome to VST Venues
your secret source for venues
contact us 01604 21 66 55
welcome to VST Venues
your secret source for venues
contact us 01604 21 66 55
welcome to VST Venues
your secret source for venues
contact us 01604 21 66 55
welcome to VST Venues
your secret source for venues
contact us 01604 21 66 55

Venues for Donor Acquisition

Trusted by hundreds of charitable organisations fundraisers non-profit organisations third sector organisations

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We find venues and promotional spaces that connect charities with new potential donors

At VST Venues, we are your trusted partner in unlocking new possibilities for your donor acquisition strategy. Discover how our tailored venue solutions can elevate your fundraising campaigns, helping your field marketing team to create meaningful connections with potential donors.

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donor acquisition

Find the perfect venue for donor acquisition campaigns

We understand the importance of selecting the right venue for successful and impactful donor acquisition. Our process is designed to simplify and enhance your donor acquisition operation and experience:

  • Initial Consultation

Begin with a consultation with our friendly and experienced team to understand your specific donor acquisition goals and preferences. We’ve worked with a number of charitable organisations and fundraisers to help them cut their donor acquisition costs by up to 30%.

  •   Personalised Venue Options

At VST Venues, our team carefully research and present suitable options to you tailored to your specific campaign, ensuring a strategic fit for attracting the right potential donors. The better targeted a campaign is, the less you leave to chance. 

  • Flexible Booking System

Choose the venues that align with your vision, allowing for seamless donor engagement, education, and successful acquisition.

  • Donor Follow Up Communication

For activation, verification or welcome calls, VST Venues are built on a foundation of outsourced call support – so we often provide this support for charities to help with the onboarding of new donors.

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We’re proud members of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, demonstrating our deep commitment to supporting ethical fundraising practices and contributing to the success of charitable initiatives. So you can be sure that you’re booking fundraising venues in confidence with a company dedicated to supporting the sustainability of the third-sector.

Trust VST to find you the perfect location

Venue finding experts

Leverage our expertise in venue selection, ensuring your event is hosted in a space conducive to donor engagement and acquisition. VST have been successfully and professionally booking fundraising and promotional venues since 2007. 

Diverse venue options

Explore a diverse portfolio of venues, from town centres and community spaces to indoor and outdoor locations and venues, ensuring you find the perfect setting for your charities campaign.

Tailored solutions for fundraisers

Benefit from personalised venue options that align with your charity, cause, and the demographic you aim to attract.


Save time and resources with our streamlined venue-finding process, allowing you to focus on creating impactful donor experiences. We offer both a Pay As You Grow venue finding service, as well as an entire outsourced venues department for bigger organisations requiring venue booking solutions at scale.

Venue options for Donor Acquisition Campaigns

Discover the versatility of our venue options, strategically selected for effective donor acquisition.

Town Centres

High-footfall areas to maximise exposure and engagement but still have to be booked and administered professionally through the right channels. We can take care of this for you.  


When you go to a supermarket, you will often see a fundraiser standing in the foyer raising awareness for charity. Did you know that there’s a good chance we booked that fundraiser into the store? Our industry-leading retention rates (over 3 and a half years) mean our venue booking teams have built strong and trusted relationships with a number of nationwide supermarkets.

Shows and Events

Flower Shows, Christmas Markets, Exhibitions and Sports Events are all classed as events with a high concentration of footfall. All we need to do is understand the geographical area in which you want to work, the demographic of the donor you’re trying to attract and the charity you’re working for. Then we’ll present you with options and prices of a variety of shows and events to choose from. 

Transport Links

From train stations through to motorway service stations, we’ve helped a number of our customers secure sites for donor acquisition. Venues like this are often great due to the amount of ‘dwell time’ visitors often have. Meaning your field marketing and sales representatives have the time for meaningful conversations.   

Outdoor Spaces

Parks, gardens, and public squares offer a refreshing backdrop for meaningful interactions. The weather will need to be a consideration for outdoor locations for obvious reasons, given we can’t always rely on the British Weather…

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Since 2012, we’ve worked with 100’s of fundraisers across some of the nation's leading charities. Introducing them to new venues and fundraising sites to engage with new potential donors. Our demographic-led targeting ensures that we put our fundraising clients in the right place, at the right time.

Louise HowsonManaging Director

The first step in finding the perfect venue or promotional space is to first understand the demographic of the donor or customer the organisation is looking to acquire. From here, we develop a bespoke proposal tailored exactly to their individual requirements.

Laura EldredAccount Manager

Where can I find suitable venues for donor acquisition events?

Finding suitable venues for donor acquisition is made easy with VST Venues. We provide a range of options, from traditional spaces like shopping centres to unique outdoor locations.

What makes a venue ideal for donor acquisition events?

An ideal venue for donor acquisition is one that aligns with your campaign goals, offers a comfortable atmosphere for interactions, and provides visibility to attract potential donors.

How can I choose the best location for a fundraising event to attract donors?

Consider high footfall areas, choose venues and sites with visibility to maximise exposure and attract potential donors to your fundraising event.

Can outdoor spaces be effective for donor acquisition events?

Absolutely. Outdoor spaces offer a refreshing and inviting backdrop, providing a unique environment for engaging potential donors during acquisition events. Weather conditions need to be taken into account.

Are there best practices for hosting successful donor acquisition events in town/city centres?

Yes, town and city centres can be highly effective for donor acquisition. Consider factors such as footfall, accessibility, weather and targeting the right type of demographic you are looking to engage with.